Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brenna's MRI results

Hey all. Just a note to let everyone know that Brenna's MRI scan was clear again! Praise the Lord, for HIS love endures forever! We are so proud of Brenna and her trust in God. She continues to be the trooper that she has consistently been. Thank you for the prayers and support. We love each one of you. We were followed around by cameras again today...she is quite the ham! (She gets that from her moma!)

Under HIS Wings,


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break in Memphis!

Hey friends! We are back in Memphis for scans and check ups. We are here all week and have lots of different tests. Today was her MRI and we'll get the results tomorrow. Brenna is doing fantastic! She is loving life and has not been having any seizures still. We are staying with our friends at Habitat for Hope. The kids have been having a fantastic time playing together. THe weather has been awesome and so its really hard to sit inside the hospital for very long. But, we got back to the Hope House early enough this evening for the girls to ride horses and the boys to play in their fort. We are going to go on a short camping trip this weekend, since it is Spring Break. We hope the weather holds up. Brenna has her last appointment Monday, with Dr. Clarke. I will try to post tomorrow and let you all know MRI results. THanks for keeping us in your prayers. We love you all!
- Oh, and the pictures are from our Fall Break camping trip. Hope to add new camping pics soon!