Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's gonna be a boy!!!

Hey, I realized no one has updated in a while. Bettina is pregnant and we have found out that he is a boy. Currently, we are calling him 'jellybean' so as not to call him an 'it'! We are thrilled and yes he was planned. While our family continues to grow, we pray you do (spiritually) as well. Jellybean is due to join us in the air-breathing world sometime in the beginning of November. The church is doing great and we constantly trust in God Almighty. HE forever deserves our praise. Jalen is about to begin Middle School - yikes, while Brenna will begin 5th grade and Bella is about to begin Kindergarten! I know just the other day they were all home all day long because they were too young to attend school - what happened?