Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our little princess

Well, I(David) was gone over the weekend to Arizona. While there Brenna got an ear-ache and ran a temp of 103 degrees. She has had more than her fair share of suffering. She did get to quit one of her seizure medicines (don't know name.) The Docs. didn't think it was doing anything for her. She conitnues to have 3-4 seizures a day. In fact, today she had 3 before noon and came home from school because of them. She continues to be slowed down by the other meds she is on (side effects.) This frustrates her because she can't concetrate very well on her homework. Three week and we will be back in Memphis - maybe we will get more answers then! ONLY God knows.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Just another day!

Yesterday at church was a great day! We had a great crowd - new visitors and an opportunity to preach the Word of God. During our service Bettina, Brenna and I sang a song. It was great to see Brenna up there excited and willing to sing. Thank the Lord she was seizure free for most of the day. However, evening came and she had three before the day was over! She is so exhausted from these pains. She just wants freedom - and I believe that's not asking a lot. She wants to be able to be "normal". She desires to go to school for a whole day and not have any seizures. It's a different life for her. She still skips to most places she goes, but her spirit is crushed within. It is easy to see. She's not the same ole Brenna. The meds we were hoping to get off of is the exact one that the doctors have seen the greatest progress. This is disheartening because it changes her behavior. She struggles with school work - simple concepts - and this just causes frustration! This obviously weighs on mom and dad and the whole family.

We have determined to do whatever is necessary - afterall, what should a parent do other than that?

Bettina is now walking!!! The doctor told her (by phone) that she can start walking without crutches - she's excited just a little :) We go back to Memphis the week of March 9th -14th. They will test her as they normally would, but she has just as many tests added to her due to the seizures. So this stay will be a full week, not just a few days. Again - whatever it takes. God has carried us this far - HE's not one to abandon HIS own. We will trust in HIM and find contentment with HIM and HIM alone!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Blog Beginings

Just a quick little start here! We are trying very desperately to find the correct meds to keep Brenna from having seizures. Her history is very time consuming to update right now, but know that she has had more than her share of battles - 2 brain surgeries, radiation to the brain and Chemotherapy treatments - just to get you started in understanding. Now she has been diagnosed with Epilepsy! She is tire exhausted and ready for healing. More to come later - for now - pray!!!