Tuesday, September 16, 2008

All is Well!

Brenna's veins were cooperating this morning and the nurse hit it on the first try. Yay! We were thankful for that. They left the IV in and we went from triage into MRI. Everything seemed to progress fairly quickly this morning. It was about two hours later and they were calling us back to recovery. Brenna even woke up from sedation quickly and was bouncin around fairly soon after. She awoke hungry and we went to lunch where she ate a huge piece of pizza and cheetos.

After lunch we went to E clinic and saw Dr. Gajjar. He knew we wanted results so he went on a search for them while the nurse practitioner checked Brenna out. Praise the Lord we have clear scans once again!!! And we have now graduated from check ups every three months to every six months! Woo hoo!! Obviously she's doing fantastic and there aren't any issues that they need to see her more often for. How awesome is that?!!

After E clinic we mosied on over to the Endocrine specialists. They had run tests on the blood drawn and found her cortisol levels kind of off. But, they said that it's probably not an accurate reading because she was on steroids after surgery and now she's on an inhaled steroid for the terrible cough that she's had. She also hasn't grown like she's supposed to. But, we're going to wait until the next visit to re-evaluate and then possibly make a decision about giving her growth hormone. I really just want her to enjoy life right now without adding more medication. And they are supportive of whatever decision we make.

All in all it was a pretty good day. Now we are off to Habitat for Hope. Brenna is excited to see her friend Bella and spend some time playing and we're looking forward to catching up with dear friends. We are so grateful for all of you who have continued to pray for our little princess and our family. God be praised!!


The Barnes said...

I am so glad things are going so well for her and you guys in general. WE have definitely been praying for you often and miss seeing and talking with you! Tell everyone we said hello!

The Clemmons Family said...

HI there,
We have never formally (or informally for that matter), introduced ourselves...we are the Clemmons Family out here in California. We know LaNelle Gardner's daughter Jen & have been praying for your family over the last couple years. My kids (3, 5 & 7yrs) have been asking how Brenna is doing & I just stumbled across an email with this link. They were so excited to see Brenna smiling! Its been a while since we've had an update from LaNelle, but we saw her last night & it reminded me to try & research Brenna's update. You guys have had an amazing journey & Praise the Lord for how good & faithful He always is! May the Lord bless & keep your family...just remember "the Clemmons family is ALWAYS praying for Brenna!"